Saturday August 24th at 7:00 pm The Lounge Underground will host ‘NOT FOR SALE’ curated by Jacob Hicks.

Performances soon to be announced:

Artists Include:

Adam LaMothe
Alexander Barton
Aliene De Souza Howell
Amber Hany
Angela Gram
Bonnie Dewitt
Buket Savci
Colleen Blackard
Eric Mavko
Evan Ross
Hannah Wertheim
Jacob Hicks
Jane LaFarge Hamill
Jeff Gipe
Kaitlyn Stubbs
Kyle Hockaday
Kyle Phillips
Lily Koto Olive
Lisa Benson
Maria Kozak
Marie Demple
Maya Brodsky
Miguel Carter-Fisher
Rami Baglio
Randall DiGiuseppe
Robert Platter
Tom Hemmerick

Essays by:

Alexander Barton
Jacob Hicks
Jon Beer
Lily Koto Olive
Miguel Carter-Fisher
Nick Borelli
Olivia Smith




April 12, 2013-
The Lounge Underground hosted one of our most exciting events yet. A huge Thank You to all the poets performers and artists who came together to make April 12th such an amazing night!





The Lounge Underground presents SPRING FLING! A night of art, music, comedy, poetry, and general revelry. Come check out this fabled subterranean art-making paradise! We are opening up our studio space for a night to showcase the work of our talented friends and fellow artists and performers. Beer will flow and your mind and spirit will be stimulated.


Here’s the deal:

6PM ART OPENING ~~~~ featuring:

Nick Borelli <> Jessie Brugger <>Kristina Cao <> Ali DiMura <> Felicia Douglass <> Travis Egedy <> Josh Maupin <> Ray Noelle <> Pat O’Connor <> Maximillian Penn <> Pats rad hats! <> Josh Starcher <> Rachel Walker

Also Including Artwork By Lounge Underground Artists:
Buket Savci Atature, Rami Baglio, Alex Barton, Lisa Benson, Colleen Blackard, Kelly Burke, Marie Demple, Miguel Carter-Fischer, Jeff Gess, Jeff Gipe, Amber Hany, Tom Hemmerick, Zach Hewitt, Jacob Hicks, Adam LaMothe, Lily Koto Olive, Kyle Phillips, Colin Tom, Hannah Wertheim

8PM VARIETY SHOW ~~~~~ featuring:

Lesphinxx <> Aaron Roche <> Um Are <> Felicia Douglass (mems. Ava Luna) <> Jacer Racer <> 500ma <> Becca Kauffman <> Free Witch Poet’s Cave <> Nicholas Henderson & Sam Capgrosi (poetry) <> Shane Hall (rap) <> Lisa Benson (poetry)




Critique 12-08-12

It was really nice to have a critique at the Lounge, thanks to everyone who participated on Saturday.  It was so nice we’re gonna start hosting monthly critiques open to all.  The next is scheduled for January 12th at 7:30pm.

How to Fight Loneliness


How to Fight Loneliness
Solo Show
The Cupping Room
359 West Broadway
New York, NY 10013
Curated by Kaitlyn Stubbs (MFA 2012) & Derrick B. HardenPress Contact: events@kaitlynstubbs.comOpening reception: Friday, November 16, 7-9 pm
Live Music Performance at 8 pm
Hors d’oeuvres, live music, and happy hour priced drinks will accompany the exhibition’s opening.On view: November 16, 2012 – January 6, 2013


READ MORE:Fighting Loneliness with Adam LaMothe


FOOLSGOLD ARTS PRESENTS FR**K OFF, AN EXHIBITION AND AUCTION TO BENEFIT FRACK ACTION AT RH GALLERY, NEW YORK Academy alumni include Jacob Hicks, Adam LaMothe, Lily Koto Olive,Jon Beer,Alex Barton,Maria Kozak.

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Curated by Kaitlyn Stubbs & Jacob Hicks
October 24th – November 16

Opening and B-Horror Costume Party
Wednesday, October 24th, 2012
9:00pm till 11:00pm

Featuring Art By:
Benjamin Aaron, Rami Baglio, Elana Baziz, Sarah Beatty, Jon Beer, Lisa Benson, Daniel Bilodeau, John G. Birge, Nick Borelli, Dina Brodsky, Kelly Burke, Kristina Cao, Adam Carnes, Miguel Carter-Fisher, Brian Dang, Aliene De Souza Howell, Sebastian Deregibus, Bonnie De Witt, Alexandra Evans, Megan Ewert, Brittany Fields, Shauna Finn, Meg Franklin, Jeff Gess, Jeff Gipe, Elizabeth Glaessner, Ernesto Gonzalez, David Gordon, Angela Gram, Amber Haney, Kathleen Hayes, Ivy Hickham, Jacob Hicks, Nicolas Holiber, Adam LaMothe, Gaetanne Lavoio, Eric Lotzer, Cameron McCool, Michael Meadors, Tun Myaing, Koto Olive, Harold Ortiz, Tatiana Ortize-Rubio, Guno Park, Isaac Pelepko, Rafael Perez, Kyle Phillips, Robert Platter, Alfred Rosenbluth, Holly Ann Sailors, Sandra Sanchez, Buket Savci, Amanda Scuglia, Olivia Smith, Nadene Speer, Liz Squillace, Elliot Stokes, Kaitlyn Stubbs, Olivia Swisher, Maria Teicher, Colin Tom, Taylor Vaught, Hannah Wertheim, Ros Winner-Sterling, and Dan Woulfin

Kraine Gallery dares you to encounter THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT, a collection of twisted and grotesque contemporary art curated by Jacob Hicks and Kaitlyn Stubbs. These sixty-five emerging artists are out to creep and disturb with a glimpse into the darkness, straight out of a nightmare, hanging on our blood-red walls.

Opening one week before Halloween with a campy B-HORROR COSTUME PARTY, this is an East Village art experience you won’t want to miss. Come as your favorite low-budget monster, creepy creepster, vamp, or brain-eating zombie. Bring out the gore, wrap yourself in gauze, put on the trashy eye-liner, and pour on the fake blood.

Prize for Best B-Horror costume.
Halloween treats and mischief for all!
21+ ONLY



<a title=”Things That Go Bump In The Night” href=””>Kraine Gallery</a>

Art of Democracy

11.06.12 – 11.30.12, Art of Democracy” Curated by Marshall Arisman, Sacred Gallery NYC- Art of Democracy 2012 is the continuation of a series of art exhibits founded by the New York Society of Etchers in 2005 to showcase artworks with political and social messages during the peak of national election cycles. The first show of the series presented in the Fall of 2006, The Art of Persuasion, quickly morphed into a traveling exhibition which ended it’s national tour in Chicago in November 2008. There , it was joined across the United States by some 60 other inter-related exhibitions under the umbrella Art of Democracy Coalition of Exhibitions. The Art of Democracy 2012 is an historic installment of the ongoing series of shows. This important national survey of politically charged artworks curated by Marshall Arisman will be remembered as one of the most significant such efforts organized during the final days leading up to the 2008 presidential election.

Artists showing original artworks in the exhibition include:
Jennifer Ale
Anneli Arms
Dan Alvarado
Miguel A. Aragon
Kit Boyce
Carla Bauer
Joseph Bohorfous
Alexander Buzzalini
Kristine T. Bouyoucos
Eve Provost Chartrand
Janet Culbertson
Monika de Vries Gohlke
Corsette Dudley
Barbara Duval
Jensine Eckwell
Kirsten Flaherty
Charlotte T. Fraser
Elana Goren
Jeff Gipe
Ana Golici
Eric Goldberg,
Ruthann Godollei
Sarah Hauser
Art Hazelwood
Susan Talbot Hoffman
Rosalee O. Isaly
Leslie Kerby
Ryan Kowalchik
Denise Kasof
Anthony Kirk
Knopf Aram Kim
Philip Laber
Elizabeth Langer
Anne Lafond
Adam Larsen
Christopher Lisio
Brian Lynch
Barbara McPhail
Kevin McCloskey
Diane Miller
Ruth Moscovitch
Jessica Munguia
Paul O’hara
Margaret Adams Parker
Alan Petrulis
Nancy Powhida
Tony Parillo
Gail Panske
Joseph Ramos
Cecilia Rossey
Amelia Spinney
William Salzillo
Masha Schweitzer
Regina Silvers
Micah Snyder
Gordon Sherman
Sue Smith
John Semple
Christine Staehelin
Stephanie Standish
Elisabeth Stevens
Donnie Toomer
Dinko Tasovac
Melissa Vandenberg
Angela Valeria
Patrick Vincent
Steven Walker
Caroline Waloski
Barbara Wilson D’Andrea
Stephen A. Fredericks
Andy Hoogenboom
Ellen Coleman Izzo
Joan O’Connor
Joe Russo
In addition a number of original activist posters collected from artists around the country will also be hung.

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Studio Visit- The Lounge Underground

                                One of the biggest indicators of New York’s transitionfrom summer to fall is not a change in weather but the reawakening of the art world. By the first week of September the excitement reaches fever pitch and within a few days the built up anticipation from the summer months is released as the first week of openings begins. It is not just the galleries and in Chelsea and Lower East Side that open their doors, a host of more intimate events occur with the artists themselves, many participate in weekend long studio visit events. Brooklyn Museums GO is one such event – all artists across Brooklyn opened their studios to foster an exchange between other artists, the public and the Brooklyn Museum. Art-Rated had the chance to visit the studio warming of “The Lounge Underground,” an artist collective located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The collective is made up of 18 artists, the majority of which are recent graduates from the New York Academy of Art. Jeff Gipe and Amber Hany, 2009 alums of the school, have worked over the past year to organize and renovate the space. Their efforts and attitude build upon the importance of maintaining a community as emerging artists out in the world.

Check out work by: Cori Beardsley, Lisa Benson, Colleen Blackard, Ramona Bradley, Rami Baglio, Miguel Carter-Fisher, Jeff Gipe, Angela Gram, Amber Hany, Jacob Hicks, Nicolas Holiber, John Jameson, Adam LaMothe, Lily Koto Olive, Kyle Phillips, Holly Ann Sailors, Buket Savci, Hannah Wertheim

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Jonathan Beer is a New York-based artist and writer. He began to write critically in 2010 while attending the New York Academy of Art for his MFA in Painting. His paintings have been exhibited at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, Flowers Gallery, Boltax Gallery and Sotheby’s in New York. Jon is also a contributing writer for The Brooklyn Rail, ArtWrit and for Art Observed.

Artist Colony Grows in Greenpoint

GREENPOINT — After months of scouting overpriced studios in Bushwick while they painted in their living room with two other artists, Amber Hany and Jeff Gipe felt desperate.

That’s when the couple stumbled upon a deal in an unexpected neighborhood.

“I feel a lot less restricted with my work here,” said Hany, 27, inside her new, 3,000-square-foot Franklin Street basement space this weekend, where she arranged a colorful installation.

Gipe was several feet away, also using his sculpture skills to build them a wall in their DIY venue, which will soon be filled with 13 other artists, who are mostly past classmates from Manhattan’s New York Academy of Art MFA program.

The couple had thought of Bushwick as the typical spot to create a makeshift studio, but they have been pleasantly surprised by the new neighborhood.

Currently, the group is refurbishing the space, installing curtains, and planning to host exhibits and critiques in the giant studio near Huron Street.

“We want to make it a community that gets people motivated,” said Gipe, 27, who said he was inspired by a sustainable farm and arts commune near Woodstock called Drop Projects.

“Like you could write the most amazing book ever, but if you don’t have a community’s support it doesn’t go anywhere.”

Their idealism is helped by a practical reality — in their new space, they said each person’s rent is only $1.20 per square foot, compared with at least $2 per square foot in Bushwick, where Gipe said he has seen rents shoot through the roof in the three years he’s lived there.

For now, Gipe and Hany are still living in their Bushwick apartment, but Gipe said a studio space outside the neighborhood presented a chance to forge his own path.

“In Bushwick, with it being flooded with artists, you feel like you’re drowning a little,” said Gipe, who had rented a Bushwick DIY studio above the music and art center Xpo 929 (also called Party Xpo) on Broadway last year.

“Everybody is trying to do the same thing.”

The trick, he said, was to do something different while maintaining a connection with fellow artists.

“It’s hard to move on after you’re out of the institution because you have that net while you’re in it,” said Gipe, a Colorado native who moved to the city when he started art school. “But working together, I think we’ll be able to give each other the support everyone needs. It can be lonely being an artist.”

This weekend, Gipe and Hany worked together in their new space, as members of the community trickled down into the basement with loads of materials. Gipe prepared the aluminum beams, dry wall and tracking for the walls, while Hany worked in her space where she does oil and encaustic painting, as well as printmaking.

“It’s going to be like a rebirth of ideas,” Hany said. “We mostly all come from the same school, and we have a similar desire to depart from the tradition and regiment there. We’re taking the community out of the institutional setting.”

Read more:


Meredith Hoffman