Saturday August 24th at 7:00 pm The Lounge Underground will host ‘NOT FOR SALE’ curated by Jacob Hicks.

Performances soon to be announced:

Artists Include:

Adam LaMothe
Alexander Barton
Aliene De Souza Howell
Amber Hany
Angela Gram
Bonnie Dewitt
Buket Savci
Colleen Blackard
Eric Mavko
Evan Ross
Hannah Wertheim
Jacob Hicks
Jane LaFarge Hamill
Jeff Gipe
Kaitlyn Stubbs
Kyle Hockaday
Kyle Phillips
Lily Koto Olive
Lisa Benson
Maria Kozak
Marie Demple
Maya Brodsky
Miguel Carter-Fisher
Rami Baglio
Randall DiGiuseppe
Robert Platter
Tom Hemmerick

Essays by:

Alexander Barton
Jacob Hicks
Jon Beer
Lily Koto Olive
Miguel Carter-Fisher
Nick Borelli
Olivia Smith




April 12, 2013-
The Lounge Underground hosted one of our most exciting events yet. A huge Thank You to all the poets performers and artists who came together to make April 12th such an amazing night!





The Lounge Underground presents SPRING FLING! A night of art, music, comedy, poetry, and general revelry. Come check out this fabled subterranean art-making paradise! We are opening up our studio space for a night to showcase the work of our talented friends and fellow artists and performers. Beer will flow and your mind and spirit will be stimulated.


Here’s the deal:

6PM ART OPENING ~~~~ featuring:

Nick Borelli <> Jessie Brugger <>Kristina Cao <> Ali DiMura <> Felicia Douglass <> Travis Egedy <> Josh Maupin <> Ray Noelle <> Pat O’Connor <> Maximillian Penn <> Pats rad hats! <> Josh Starcher <> Rachel Walker

Also Including Artwork By Lounge Underground Artists:
Buket Savci Atature, Rami Baglio, Alex Barton, Lisa Benson, Colleen Blackard, Kelly Burke, Marie Demple, Miguel Carter-Fischer, Jeff Gess, Jeff Gipe, Amber Hany, Tom Hemmerick, Zach Hewitt, Jacob Hicks, Adam LaMothe, Lily Koto Olive, Kyle Phillips, Colin Tom, Hannah Wertheim

8PM VARIETY SHOW ~~~~~ featuring:

Lesphinxx <> Aaron Roche <> Um Are <> Felicia Douglass (mems. Ava Luna) <> Jacer Racer <> 500ma <> Becca Kauffman <> Free Witch Poet’s Cave <> Nicholas Henderson & Sam Capgrosi (poetry) <> Shane Hall (rap) <> Lisa Benson (poetry)